UK charts: Injustice 2 beats the lead, followed by the VR shooter Farpoint

Four newcomers have achieved in the UK over the past week, the top ten sales charts. In first place the Whipper “Injustice 2” is followed by the Board Shooter “Farpoint” in second place.


The weekly British sales charts were revealed by those in charge of ELSPA and Chart-Track. Thus, we now know which video games between 15 and 20 May were particularly successful sold in UK retail 2017th This one has, as usual, does not consider the download sales.

Injustice 2 Cheats” has copied it to his predecessor, creating in the first week of the jump to the top of the UK sales charts. It has “Mortal Kombat X” is the first fighting game on the first place of the charts. NetherRealm and Warner obviously know what they are doing. In second place followed by Sony’s PR-Shooter “Farpoint”. This is the best market-entry for a VR title.

With Nintendo’s 3DS title “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia” we find a third competitor to enter the fifth place in the sales charts. The fourth newcomer is the action RPG “The Surge” in tenth place.

At first glance, the video game story of Toby Ott sounds pretty ordinary. With five years he has been trying in arcade halls of fighting games, and later follow shooters like Doom and role play the brand Final Fantasy . Ott, however, was born with bilateral anophthalmia, among physicians understand the congenital absence of the eye system. The 27-year-old is therefore completely blind. The medium of video games which, however, does not deter him, as the documentation “Gaming Through New Eyes” shows.

Combats, so Ott, are his favorite genre, as representative as Injustice 2 place great emphasis on sound effects and these serve as orientation. Even in multiplayer mode defeating other players regularly and relies similar Gokhan Gündogan in Mortal Kombat X completely on the sound .


In addition to fighting games Ott also loves role playing games like Final Fantasy X or Final Fantasy 13 , in which he has invested several hundred hours. These are a little more difficult for him to play, but thanks to the help of a friend he has memorized the menu structures for weeks to be able to defeat even heavy bosses finally.

Although Ott can not perceive the purely visual components of a video game, he is still enthusiastic about the medium. In addition to music and history, especially the challenge to defeat certain games or bosses despite his blindness excites him. The operation of menus is just another puzzle that he must solve in order to progress for him.

The award-winning documentary “Gaming Through New Eyes” also gives an insight into Ott’s life in which he can not be held back by his blindness.