Talking about the attacking scenes and fighting mechanism would help you to become much stronger in less time and with much fewer and weaker items build, you do not need to be very strong in the gear wise to stand against the incoming attacks. Actually being smart is only enough for you to dominate the scenes you will be visiting yourself, now pay a great attention to what is going to be mentioned here about the combats and don’t forget to obtain the Transformers Forged to Fight cheats before anyone else and start having decent amount of resources so you could fix your way to the top of the game among the greatest fighters all over the world, we shall be moving back to the game leaderboards.

Now the time has come to start mentioning the attacking techniques of the game which are many actually the game is giving you the freedom to do whatever you want at the battlefield and that is actually a very great option which makes you a real fighter for once and you would become the real controller of your own Autobots that is in the battle field.

Dodge Them Attacks to Survive for Longer Periods.

Here we go let’s start with the dodging attacks because the defense is the highest priority here! if you are actually strong and good at lining up your defense lines and have a good control over it which is a very smart thing to do by the way! You shall last much longer in the battle and that would help you by sending fake feelings to your opponent that you are weak and scared from him, and by the time he goes totally rage on you and start releasing all his powers over you his weakness shall be revealed to you which would give you a huge opportunity to jump on him and finish his time at this game by a lethal kick! And in order to have enough and decent defense you should be getting the Transformers Forged to Fight cheats that will get the required cost of the defenses you are purchasing and move you to another level of the game so far.

How to Defend?

And now as we have mentioned the benefits of the defense we must be mentioning the way to execute the defensive moves and how to improve them, you can be finding the defense button at the bottom of the screen at the left corner once you press on it you can see your hero using the arms to hide his most critical areas of the body. And also the legs would become unsecured and weak to the lower body attacks so make sure you are defending it will and having enough and strong gears over it by using the Transformers Forged to Fight Hack that is very smart thing to do to have enough resources to cover the expenses over this gear.