PLay ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM & Learn Your Character Powers.

At the first scenes of the starting game, you will get to be introduced to several game characters which will start talking to each other by explaining the nature of the place and how you going to progress and get stronger in the game so far, and the firs thing you will be asked to do at the game is entering your own name, and yes do not underestimate your name in the game, as it is considered to be one of the most important tasks.

Shine Up in The Pirate World.

As you progress and start shinning in the pirates world, you will be only known for your name as this is what is going to take you to the highest places and ranks, so make sure you are picking up a unique one so once you become famous and strong enough, your name shall be remembered easily, and also do not forget your best aid at such a mission, which is going to be the One Piece Thousand Storm Hack, this is going to add some extra coins to your balance at the game, which would allow you to start investing in and purchasing new items for your hero, and all of these upgrades will automatically lead to a totally victory and success.

Here are some few One Piece Thousand Storm tips you need to keep in mind, as we have mentioned before that changing the home land you are entering is impossible, and you will have to recreate  a new character in order to play in a new or another home land than the one you have selected already, which will lead to a total loss of all the equipment and resources you have gathered during the stay, also we have offered an alternative tor eerie the lost resources, but actually the levels will never be retrieved, as you will have to start working hard from the begging but actually with some little help of the One Piece Thousand Storm cheats, you shall be getting all them lost resources with a single click on the link.

Enter Your Pirate Name.

Keep in mind that the name you will be entering for your character, cannot be changed later at the game, and you are only allowed to enter up to 12 letters for your name, so as you can see in order to change the character name, that will take you with a whole new process which is creating a new character in the realm.

As it is a little bit late, it was always a pleasure to meet the new ship navigator NAMI, she is a strong girl that is going to be your guidance and aid through the different battles you are entering, even though you will be equipped with the One Piece Thousand Storm , but that is not enough my friend, you need someone to tell you where exactly you should be investing your resources.